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Palate Polish

Palate Polish Nail Polish - 19+ Colors

Palate Polish Nail Polish - 19+ Colors

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Looking for a non-toxic nail polish, inspired by food, made in the most delicious colors, that goes on like butter? We've got you covered! Palate Polish is small batch, vegan, cruelty-free, and 10-free - excluding many typical toxic ingredients found in nail polish. All bottles come with 2 stainless steel mixing balls (0.5 oz/15 ml).

Chimichurri - an olive drab green
Cinnamon - a warm and earthy mix of orange/red/brown

Miso - a mellow brown
Turmeric - a rusty yellow brown
Cayenne - a bright red with orange undertones
Coffee - a perfect coffee brown
Mocha - a creamy & decadent neutral light brown
Earl Grey - a milky earl grey with pink undertones
Ruby Chocolate - a dusty mauve
BBQ Sauce - a deep reddish brown
Champagne - a dense silvery-gold glitter
Sprinkles - a multi-color rainbow glitter
Glaze - a protective quick dry topcoat
Pickle - an iridescent green shimmer
Prosecco - a shimmery gold
Peppermint Stick - a chunky white, red & green glitter suspended in clear coat
Cookies & Cream - a chunky black & white multi-size glitter suspended in clear coat
Sage - a desaturated green
Nori - a dark forest green
Hot Sauce - a classic red

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