About Wull & Oak

Wull & Oak offers sustainable fashion and lifestyle products carefully selected to make a big impact on your wardrobe, but only a small impact on our environment.

We believe that sustainable living should be the norm and that sustainable brands should not be a secret! Wull & Oak partners with brands that follow ethical and sustainable practices in the sourcing of materials through the production and delivery of their products.

About Breona

"We have the power to make choices that are good for our health, happiness, and our environment. I have seen the potential sprouting in the coming together of community, through shared knowledge, wisdom of tradition, and the collective desire to grow.

Too often we skip a few steps, perceive failure, & burnout. Because we so easily forget that community starts within the individual. I will never stop advocating the importance of slowing down, checking in with yourself, appreciating the endurance of nature, and truly engaging in self-care.

The will and knowledge behind sustainable fashion choices is there - we just have to provide & share that wisdom with each other - that's the acorn of thought that Wull & Oak comes from."- Breona Pirrone, owner

Follow Breona's local environmental activism at instagram.com/sustainablybb . 

Wull & Oak's Name

Wull & Oak 's name has an intimate meaning . Wull being a Scottish variant on "Will" but sounding like the sustainable fabric "wool" - Wull stands as a reminder of our collective power and the strength found in the coming together of community.
The mighty Oak tree like many of the women in Breona's life stands as a symbol of potential & healing. The Oak tree is known to be an ecosystem within itself, nourishing, healing, feeding, and providing shelter. The coming together of these two words is a symbol of the earth conscious commmuity that shops at Wull & Oak. Reminding us all that we have the choice to heal our planet - especially when we work together.

Slow Fashion & Our Planet

Why should you get involved in the slow fashion movement? The slow fashion movement has been working to expose the dirty fast fashion industry and it's devastation to our planet, textile workers, and economies all over the world. But the movement doesn't stop there! We are joining together to provde solutions and actions we can take as comsumers.

The brands you will find at Wull & Oak partake in new slow fashion industry standards to ensure that their impact on the environment is minimal to none. Some of these practices include: using organic plant based textiles, creating with deadstock fabric, using recycled materials, paying livable wages to their workers, ensuring ethical work conditions, planting trees with every purchase, giving back to credible charities, and creating in small batches to avoid overproduction & waste.

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